Cake Design

Cake Design

Discover our delicious tailor-made pastry creations to make your events even more special. At My Secret Confections, we offer you a wide range of celebration cakes, wedding cakes, tarts, cupcakes, cakepops, puffs and much more.

For all your special occasions, our celebration cakes will dazzle your guests with their elegant appearance and exquisite taste. Whether for a birthday, a baptism, a communion or any other celebration, our talented teams will create a tailor-made cake that will meet your highest expectation

Are you preparing for the happiest day of your life? Our wedding cakes will bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your reception. From classic to modern design, we create edible masterpieces that will delight brides and grooms and guests alike.

If you are a pie lover, you will be delighted by our selection of mouth-watering flavors. From fresh fruit tarts to creamy cream tarts, each bite will transport you to a world of sweetness and satisfaction.

Want an individual treat? Our cupcakes, cake-pops and choux are perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings. With their deliciously creative toppings and artistic decorations, these little treats will melt your heart with the first bite.

At My Secret Confections, the quality of ingredients and attention to detail are at the heart of our approach. Each cake is made with love and expertise, using fresh, premium ingredients. We pay special attention to every order to ensure your experience is exceptional.

Order now and let us delight your taste buds with our unique and delicious pastry creations. Treat yourself to an unforgettable sweet experience thanks to our artisanal expertise.


Bespoke Cakes

We love being part of your special day and will design and bake a delicious tasting showstopper tailor-made for you.

Personalized Gifts

We want your guests to leave your party with a lasting impression and with this in mind, we also create personnalised gifts and favours.



Whatever the age everyone loves a cake on their birthday, cake makes you feel special.

Baby-showers / Baptisms

Whether you’re celebrating your baby’s birth or christening with your friends and family we can make you a cake or cupcakes for the occasion.

Sweet Tables & Cupcakes

Sometimes one cake just isn’t enough… We can provide you with an assortment of sweets to match your special occasion. 


Lancement de Produit Cadeaux Presse/Client

Nous pouvons créer des pièces sucrées personnalisées pour toute occasion professionnelle où vous voulez faire remarquer et renforcer votre marque. 

Nos images comestibles sont toutes imprimées par nous même et nous pouvons assortir les décors et les glaçages à vos références couleurs pour parfaitement représenter votre marque.

Salon Professionel/ Fête interne

Les gâteaux personnalisés pour les entreprises sont une de nos spécialités et notre clientèle inclut certaines des sociétés les plus respectées en France. 

Nous sommes fiers de vous fournir avec des solutions et des idées de cupcakes, gros gâteaux ou sablés pour tout type d’événement et tout type de budget.

Nous pouvons même développer une recette juste pour vous, à l’image et au “goût” de votre marque…

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